We build non-Flash Mobile Mini-sites for Restaurants...

Mobile Mini-site Details

Potential mini-site sections include
but are not limited to:


Full-color splash screen image or animation
featuring your restaurant's logo


This is your opportunity to include
a personalized text, audio, and video greeting
from the Owner and/or Chef


Dynamically-generated daily special events
Direct links to all sections of your mini-site


All of the ways to reach your establishment
are in one easy-to-access place


Fully browsable food and drink offerings
This can include zoomable official images of each item
with full integration of social network "liking",
"tweeting", and sharing to hundreds of sites
with link-backs to your site!!

About Us/Our Story

Any additional info you'd like
to share with your visitors


Full integration with dynamic
Google Maps and driving directions


All ways for your guests to make a reservation
Optional full integration with your
Open Table or other online reservation account!


All positive reviews of your restaurant
from media sources including links to online reviews where available
Direct links to various online review sites
so your customers can share
their experience with others.

Special Events

Info on your establishment's upcoming happenings...

Daily Promotions

These details can also be shown dynamically
on the entrance page to your mini-site...


Full display of any awards
your restaurant has received


All official images and videos that you provide


More optional background info and images
on the Owner, Chef and their staff...


We can include a live Twitter feed of your most recent tweets...
We can include your Wordpress blog in mobile format...

Featured Recipes

This is an opportunity to show
your potential guests exactly
what goes into preparing your cuisine...

Take a Tour

A visual look at your establishment

Music We Love

Links to your restaurant's favorite musical artists

Fun & Contests

We can suggest a number of fun and easy-to-run contests

Connect with Us

Direct access to your restaurant's
Facebook, Twitter, and other feeds


Various ways for your customers
to give you feedback
including a dynamic form for ease of use


Sign-up for your restaurant's email newsletter if applicable
We can help you establish
a free Mailchimp account
if you don't already have
a mailing list in place

Art Gallery

Images of your restaurant's artwork


Links to any sites your restaurant
would like to direct visitors to

Site Map

(Helpful for being found by Search Engines)

Privacy Policy

Optional PDF and/or HTML of your policy document

We also provide Foodie Site Optimization for restaurants.
This is an often overlooked and critical factor in your restaurant's online marketing success.

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